Color Scheme Generators

Since this came up in an email I thought I would share the concept of color scheme generators with everyone.  Color scheme generators are GREAT tools when designing layouts, logos and anything that you’d need a nice, unified, harmonious color branding for (both print and web, though they’re mainly for web).  While mainly for web, I’ve found these generators to be very useful when deciding on my layout colors for a myriad of projects.

Experimentation is key.  I usually start students off with this site:  You the Designer


It gives the top 20 generators used.  Flip through a couple of them and see how they work with your working style.  Adobe has an app for iphones/ipads called KULER which is very useful as well (and free!)


color scheme generator image


Remember, web is RGB colors and print is CMYK.  You will want to make sure your colors are CYMK!! (or they will not be press ready)

Another good resource on this is:


Be sure to check them out.  Many of them have CMYK options as well which will give more continuity to our print designs (regarding color matching from web to print).


I will be giving a demo in class on the methodologies of RGB vs CMYK and when and how to use them in class Wednesday.


Design on,

Prof. Redding


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