Grids, grids, grids. And more grids!

Grids are everywhere!  And now it’s your turn to get familiar with them and to become comfortable with them.  Think of a grid as the underlying skeletal framework/system of any design piece.  It’s a way to visually organize your piece as well as help reinforce the visual hierarchy of your information.


Here are a few handy resources for grids:

History of Grids:

For print and web:

Getting nit-picky and systems for set up:

Grid inspirations:

Grid setup explained:

Types of grids:

Designers and grids:

Info on Golden Ratio:

Video on grid set up in inDesign:

Video on setting up your baseline in inDesign:


I know it’s a lot of information to digest (I could post tons more but don’t want to overwhelm you…I may do a Grid Part II this weekend to reinforce some of these principles).  Grids in the early stages can be somewhat confusing, but it’s one of those “practice makes perfect” things AND one of those “the more you see and observe, the easier it will be to recognize and recreate” (*whew!* That was a mouthful!)


Practice, practice, practice! 🙂

Prof. R


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